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  1. The last 1 is my fav.! awesome, really.



  2. well done great job, when we were kids we used to call that lovely flower in pic #2 a very bad name :p i even doesnt know what its real name 😉


  3. i liked the first one more, keep going 🙂


  4. Posted by odai hilat on September 14, 2010 at 10:26 am



  5. Nice blog and nice photos. got here from your twitter account.
    I invite you to check my photography work on flickr


  6. Hello,
    I must admit that you do photography very well Serene! i have seen these Images and more on your facebook page and i like what i have seen.

    I found your Blog here and searched you on facebook to see if i could find more photos & i did!
    I think you are very talented and you should carry on with your photography work more.
    Your posts are funny (وطالعين من القلب), specially that Kia Sepia! it’s damn true!

    I’m a Script Writer / filmmaker by the way, and it would be very nice working with you sometime.


  7. Posted by yasmine on October 2, 2011 at 5:55 pm

    j’adooorrreeeee!!! 🙂


  8. صورة الأرض العطشانة معبرة و إلها معنى عميق.. لوحة بدون رسام… حبيتها كتير


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